Tuesday, April 24, 2007

31) International Charters for Conservation and Restoration ***

ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) (2006). International Charters for Conservation and Restoration. ICOMOS Paris, France.

  • International charter for conservation and restoration of monuments and sites (The Venice Charter) (ms2-4)
  • Historic gardens (The Florence Charter 1981) (ms5-8)
  • Charter for the conservation of historic towns and urban areas (Washington Charter 1987) (ms9-11)
  • Charter for the protection and mangement of the archaeological heritage (1990) (ms12-16)
  • Charter on the protection and management of underwater cultural heritage (1996) (ms17-21)
  • International cultural tourism charter - managing tourism at places of heritage significance (1999) (ms-22-26)
  • Charter on the built vernacular heritage (1999) (ms27-29)
  • Principles for the preservation of historic timber structures (1999) (ms30-32)
  • ICOMOS charter - principle for the analysis, conservation and structural restoration of architectural heritage (2003) (ms33-36)
  • ICOMOS principles for the preservation and conservation - restoration of wall paintings (2003) (ms37-41)
  • Guidelines on education and training in the conservation of monuments, ensembles and sites (1993) (ms42-45)
  • The Nara document on authenticity (1994) (ms46-48)
  • Principles for the recording of monuments, groups of buildings and sites (1996) (ms49-52)
  • Declaration of ICOMOS marking the 50th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights (1998) (ms53)