Tuesday, May 08, 2007

148) Use of Limes in Plasters, Mortars and Renders **

Melville, R. (1990). Use of Limes in Plasterts, Mortars and Renders. Proceedings of the Heritage Conserrvation - Now!, Seminar and Workshop on the Principles and Techniques of Architectural Conservation, 25-27 October 1990, Melaka. Ms. 35-43.
  • Abstract (ms35)
  • Why use lime (ms36-37)
  • Danger in using cement-rich mortars and renders (ms37)
  • Lime - the material (ms38-39)
  • External plasters and renders (ms39-40)
  • Re-pointing of brickwork and masonry (ms41)
  • Limewashes (ms41-42)
  • Bibliography (ms43)