Thursday, May 17, 2007

263) Conservation in the Built Environment ***

Pickard, R.D. (1996). Conservation in the Built Environment. Longman Singapore Publishers (Pte.) Ltd., Singapore.

  • The definition of listed building (ms1-15)
  • The listing procedure (ms16-32)
  • Listed building control (ms35-66)
  • The philosophy of conservative repair (ms142-150)
  • Principles of repair and conservation (ms150-171)
  • Scheduled ancient monuments (ms258-266)
  • Conservation policy approaches (ms289-293)
  • References (ms33,70,90,138,171,211,254,283,312)
  • Appendix:
  1. SPAB-the society for the protection of ancient buildings: manifesto (ms314-316)
  2. ICOMOS-international council of monuments and sites: the Venive charter (ms317-320)
  3. List of charters (ms321)
  4. Directory of addresses (ms322-328)
  5. ICOMOS-international council on monuments and sites: the Lausanne charter (ms329-334)
  6. New controls over buildings in conservation areas (ms335-337)