Tuesday, May 22, 2007

294) Conservation of Historic Buildings ***

Fielden, B.M. (2004). Conservation of Historic Buildings. Architectural Press, Oxford.
  • What is an historic building? (ms1)
  • Causes of decay (ms2-3)
  • What is conservation? (ms3)
  • Values in conservation (ms3-6)
  • Ethics of conservation (ms6)
  • Degrees of intervention (ms8-12)
  • Materials used in historic buildings (ms32-35)
  • Building material decay and repair methods:
  1. Structural elements I: beams, arches, vaults and domes (ms37-49)
  2. Structural elements II: trusses and frames (ms51-59)
  3. Structural elements III: walls, piers and columns (ms61-75)
  4. Structural elements IV: foundation (ms77-88)
  • Causes of decay in materials and structures (ms90)
  • Climatic causes of decay:
  1. Solar radiation (ms91-94)
  2. Temperature and thermal expansion (ms94-96)
  3. Thermal movements (ms96-99)
  4. The action of moisture (ms99-100)
  5. Precipitation of moisture (ms101-107)
  6. Wind (ms107-108)
  7. Particulated, smoke, dust and sand particles (ms109-112)
  8. Natural disasters (ms113-116)
  • Botanical, biological and microbiological causes of decay (ms131-134)
  • Insects and other pests as causes of decay (ms135-151)
  • Man-made causes of decay (ms153-168)
  • Preventive maintenance of historic buildings (ms217-231)
  • Rehabilitation of historic buildings (ms259-275)
  • Special techniques of repair and structural consolidation (ms277-307)
  • Bibliography (ms327-337)