Tuesday, June 12, 2007

344) Building Components and Materials (Volume 2) ***

Building Research Establishment Digest (BRE) (1983). Building Components and Materials (Volume 2). Her Majesty's Stationery Office Publications Centre, London.

  • Clay brickwork (ms1-8)
  • Perforated clay bricks (ms9-16)
  • Calcium sislicate (sandlime, flintlime) brickwork (ms17-23)
  • Repairing brickwork (ms25-32)
  • Sulphate attack on brickwork (ms33-36)
  • Mortars for bricklaying (ms37-40)
  • External rendered finishes (ms81-84)
  • Choosing specifications for plastering (ms85-213)
  • Painting walls: choice of paint (ms93-100)
  • Painting walls: failures and remedies (ms101-107)
  • Painting woodwork (ms109-116)
  • Wood preservatives: application methods (ms117-123)
  • The use of elm timber (ms125-127)
  • The use of chipboard (ms129-132)
  • The selection of natural building stone (ms133-40)
  • Decay and conservation of stone masonry (ms141-144)
  • Glass fibre reinforced cement (m145-152)
  • Choice of glues for wood (ms221-224)
  • Polyvinyl acetate adhesives for wood (ms225-228)
  • Site use of adhesives (ms229-240)
  • Design and appearance (ms241-252)
  • Further reading (ms8-240)