Tuesday, June 12, 2007

349) Building Defects: Diagnosis and Remedy ***

The National Building Agency (NBA) (1985).Building Defects: Diagnosis and Remedy. Construction Press, London.
  • Diagnosis of defects (ms10)
  • Causes of defects (ms11)
  • External walls and chimneys (ms18-37)
  • Roofs, gutters and rainwater pipes (ms38-53)
  • Windows, doors and external joinery (ms54-67)
  • Finishes to internal walls, ceilings and joinery: internal doors (ms68-111)
  • Plumbing, heating and drains (ms112-137)
  • Damp (ms144-169)
  • Defects in appearance (ms170-179)
  • Materials (ms180-191)
  • Bibliography (ms192)