Wednesday, June 13, 2007

355) Remedial Treatment of Buildings ***

Richardson, B.A. (1980). Remedial Treatment of Buildings. The Construction Press Ltd., Lanchester.
  • Defects in buildings (ms11-32)
  • Wood treatment (ms33-74)
  • Damp-proofing (ms75-108)
  • Masonry treatment (ms109-130)
  • Appendices:
  1. Identification of wood-borers and other insects infesting buildings (ms141-166)
  2. Identification of wood rots and other micro-organisms infecting building materials (ms167-172)
  3. Diagnosis and measurement of dampness in buildings (ms173-184)
  4. Drying buildings (ms185-188)
  5. Assessing the exposure of buildings (ms189-192)
  6. Glossary of useful terms (ms213-230)