Tuesday, August 28, 2007

416) The Conservation of Building Timbers**

Hickin, N. E. (1966). The Conservation of Building Timbers. Hutchinson, London.
  • Introduction (ms9-11)
  • How much woodworm (ms12-20)
  • Comparative incidence of wood-boring insects (ms21-25)
  • The distribution of wood-boring insects and wood rotting fungi (ms72-90)
  • The preservation of timber in buildings (ms91-106)
  • Treatment under guarantee (ms107-111)
  • Standards for wood preservatives (ms112-122)
  • Woodworm, dry rot and the law (ms123-127)
  • The conservation of historic buildings by death watch elimination (ms134-140)
  • References (ms11,90,106,140)