Wednesday, August 29, 2007

422) The Dry Rot Problem***

Hickin, N. E. (1972). The Dry Rot Problem. Hutchinson & Co (Publishers) Ltd., London.
  • The importance of wood in buildings (ms11-18)
  • The special features of fungi (ms19-25)
  • How to identify decay (ms26-32)
  • Records of the occurance of dry rot and wet rot attacks in the United Kingdom (ms33-40)
  • The less important species of wood-rotting fungi found in buildings (ms41-52)
  • Specifications for dry rot and wet rot eradication (ms53-63)
  • The correct environment for wood in buildings (ms64-73)
  • Rising damp and its cure (ms74-86)
  • Timber preservation (ms87-96)
  • How fungicides are tested for efficiency (ms97-105)
  • Wood-boring insects associated with fungal decay (ms106-111)
  • References (ms112)