Thursday, August 30, 2007

429) Decay of Timber and its Prevention**

Cartwright, K. S. G. and Findlay, W. P. K. (1969). Decay of Timber and its Prevention. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London.
  • Introduction (ms1-4)
  • Causes of decay (ms5-11)
  • Technique (ms12-25)
  • Physiology of wood-destroying fungi (ms26-52)
  • Effect of fungal decay on wood (ms53-66)
  • Principal decays of standing conifers in Great Britain (ms67-101)
  • Principal decays of standing broad-leaved trees in Great Britain (ms102-165)
  • Decay of felled timber and of timber in service in the open (ms166-202)
  • Prevention of decay in felled and converted timber during storage and shipment (ms225-234)
  • Decay of timber in various uses (ms235-258)
  • Deterioration of composite wood and manufactured wood products (ms259-265)
  • Natural durability of timber (ms266-281)
  • Preservation of wood by chemicals (ms282-297)
  • Staining and discoloration of timber (ms298-320)
  • The wood block method of test for the toxicity of wood preservatives to fungi (ms321-327)
  • References (ms4-11,24,49,65,98,162,200,223,256,265,279,296,318)