Thursday, January 22, 2009

603) The Conservation of Kota Duyung: A Review***

Syed Ariffin, S.A.I. (2003). The Conservation of Kota Duyung: A Review. 2nd. ISFAH 2003 & International Symposium on Asian Heritage, 22nd. August to 10th. September 2003. Urban Design and Conservation Unit (UDCRU), Faculty of Built Environment, University Technology Malaysia, Skudai, Johor. (Pp.1-12).
  • Introduction (ms1)
  • Brief history of Kota Duyung (ms2)
  • Conservation approaches (ms2)
  • The concept of ruin in conservation (ms2-4)
  • Proposed alternatives to conservation of Kota Duyung (ma4-8)
  • Establishing the architecture of Kota Duyung (ms8-10)
  • Documenting the process (ms11)
  • Conclusion (ms12)
  • Bibliography (ms12)

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