Monday, May 21, 2007

281) Tourism: Principle and Practice ***

Cooper, C., Fletcher, J., Gilbert, D. and Shepherd, R. (2000). Tourism: Principle and Practice. Addison Wesley Longman Publishing, New York.

  • Tourism journals:
  1. Annals of Tourism Research
  2. Asia Pasific Journal of Tourism Research
  3. Current Issues in Tourism
  4. Festival Management and Event Tourism
  5. International Tourism Reports
  6. Journal of Air Transport Management
  7. Journal of Air Transport Geography
  8. Journal of Sustainable Tourism
  9. Journal of Tourism Studies
  10. Journal of Travel and Trourism Marketing
  11. Journal of Travel Research
  12. Journal of Vacation Marketing
  13. Progress in Tourism and Hospitality Research
  14. Service Industries Journal
  15. The Tourist Review
  16. Tourism Analysis
  17. Tourism, Culture and Communication
  18. Tourism Economics
  19. Tourism Management
  20. Tourism Recreation Research
  21. Travel and Tourism Analyst
  • Bibliography (ms16-515)