Wednesday, May 30, 2007

300) Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone (Volume 2) ***

Ashurst, J. and Dimes, F.G. (1990). Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone (Volume 2). Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford.
  • Methods of repairing and consolidating stone buildings (ms1-54)
  • Structural failure and repair (ms55-70)
  • The selection of stone for repair (ms71-77)
  • Mortar for stone buildings (ms78-96)
  • Traditional handworking of stone: methods and recognition (ms97-106)
  • Earthquake damage to historic masonry structures (ms107-113)
  • The repair and remedial treatment of buildings (ms114-124)
  • Cleaning masonry buildings (ms125-154)
  • Surface treatments (ms155-183)
  • The conservation of stone monuments in churches (ms185-196)
  • The conservation of stone sculpture in museums (ms197-207)
  • The cleaning of painted stone (ms214-218)
  • The cleaning and consolidation of the stonework (ms219-227)
  • Limewashing (ms229-230)
  • Effects of large numbers of visitors on historic buildings (231-236)
  • The use of air-abrasive cleaning techniques for stone building surfaces (ms237-239)
  • The analytical approach to stone, its cleaning, repair and treatment (ms240-243)
  • References (ms77-243)