Wednesday, May 30, 2007

301) Building with Lime: A Practical Introduction ***

Holmes, S. and Wingate, M. (2002). Building with Lime: A Practical Introduction. ITDG Publishing, London.
  • An approach to using lime (ms1-7)
  • What lime is and how it is prepared (ms8-15)
  • Tools and equipment (ms16-48)
  • Limewashes (ms49-59)
  • Lime mortars (ms60-76)
  • Plain lime plastering for interiors (ms77-102)
  • External renders and thrown finishes (ms103-126)
  • Decorative plasterwork (ms127-151)
  • Stabilization and other mixes incorporating lime (ms152-170)
  • Substructure: floors, roads and lime concrete (ms171-192)
  • Limestone recognition, testing and standards (ms193-239)
  • Maintenance guidelines (ms240-251)
  • References and bibliography (ms252-258)
  • Glossary (ms259-279)