Wednesday, May 30, 2007

303) Monuments and the Millenium *

English Heritage (2001). Monuments and the Millenium: Proceedings of a joint Conference organised by English Heritage and the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation. James & James Science Publishers Ltd., London.
  • Monuments and dilemmas: the public monuments and sculpture association national recording project (ms3-12)
  • The national inventory of war memorials: profile of a national recording project (ms13-22)
  • From here to eternity: save outdoor sculpture for the next century (ms23-25)
  • Leeds: patronising the arts and encouraging the science (ms26-35)
  • Do monuments still speak in Picasso's Vallarius from museum, courtyard, park and street? (ms39-47)
  • Heroes and kitsch in post-war monuments (ms48-54)
  • Destruction or preservation? The destruction and/or preservation of British imperial monuments in Dublin (ms55-65)
  • Paradoxes of form and function in modern public monuments (ms66-75)
  • Contemporary monuments of the millenial kind (ms77-88)
  • Modern conservation of outdoor bronze sculpture (ms91-96)
  • The conservation of public sculpture in Aberdeen (ms97-108)
  • Laser removal of paint layers from corroded copper: possible applications to bronze sculpture cleaning (ms109-119)
  • Protective coatings for outdoor bronze sculptures: available materials and new developments (ms120-127)
  • Bronze conservation in the United States at the dawn of the new century (ms128-137)
  • Melbourne's monuments: conservation issues and approaches (ms138-145)
  • The role of conservation in the design of conceptual monuments (ms149-157)
  • Cleopatra's needles: London and New York (ms158-172)
  • The Scott Monument, East Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh: the cleaning debate (ms173-191)
  • The application of cathodic protection to historic masonry structures (ms192-196)
  • The Albert Memorial: saved but not restored (ms197-203)
  • Sculpture and the afterlife (ms207-213)
  • Conservation of monuments: where are we going (ms214-219)
  • Commissioning public sculpture in historic Lincoln: a proposal for the millenium (ms220-227)
  • The sacred turf: war memorial gardens as theatres of war (and peace) (ms228-236)
  • References (ms12,22,47,54,65,75-76,88,96,108,119,125-127,137,144-145,156-157,171,190-191,196,203,219,227,235-236)