Wednesday, May 30, 2007

302) Conservation Science in the U.K. ***

Tennent, N.H. (1993). Conservation Science in the U.K. James & James Science Publishers Ltd., London.

  • The built environment: Historic Scotland'd current research in building conservation (ms1-10)
  • Effects of chemical cleaning process on Scottish sandstones (ms11-14)
  • Effect and efficacy of some masonry biocides applied to Scottish sandstone in the control of biological growths: current studies (ms15-19)
  • Stonecleaning of granite buildings and monuments: the use of colour measurement in stonecleaning trials (ms20-28)
  • Laser cleaning of limestone sculpture (ms29-32)
  • The characterisation of nineteenth century paint (ms33-35)
  • References (ms10,14,19,28,31,35)