Friday, June 01, 2007

313) Structural Appraisal of Traditional Buildings ***

Robson, P. (1991). Structural Appraisal of Traditional Buildings. Gower Technical Press Ltd., England.
  • Principles: safe structures (ms3-8)
  • Causes of damage: superstructure (ms9-29)
  • Causes of damage: shrinkage and expansion (ms30-40)
  • Causes of damage: deterioration (ms41-49)
  • Causes of damage: ground movement (ms50-68)
  • The influence of foundations (ms69-81)
  • Visual inspection (ms85-93)
  • Distortion survey (ms94-104)
  • Masonry building (ms123-141)
  • Timber frame and earth walling (ms142-152)
  • Sudden damage (ms166-182)
  • Glossary (ms199-201)
  • Further reading (ms202-203)