Friday, June 01, 2007

314) Structural Aspects of Building Conservation ***

Beckman, P and Bowels, R. (2004). Structural Aspects of Building Conservation. Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford.

  • Structural behavior: basic principles (ms1-23)
  • Aims, process and philosophy of structural appraisal (ms24-36)
  • Procedures of structural appraisal (ms37-87)
  1. Examination of records and other documentation (ms38-39)
  2. Inspections (ms39-51)
  3. Measurement of defects (ms51-63)
  4. Structural assessment (64-75)
  • Masonry (ms88-138)
  1. General strength properties and causes of damage (ms89-92)
  2. The necessity of diagnosis of causes of defects (ms92-93)
  3. Characteristics and problems of load-bearing walls and pillars (ms99-105)
  4. Repair, strengthtening techniques for walls and piers (ms105-118)
  • Timber (ms139-187)
  1. Material properties and behavior (ms140-144)
  2. Appraisal of timber structures, their characteristics (ms145-158)
  3. Structural strengthening and repair techniques (ms159-169)
  • Iron and steel (ms188-229)
  1. Strengthening and repair techniques (ms213-218)
  2. Corrosion problems and remedies (ms219-224)
  • Foundations (ms266-301)
  1. Principles of foundation behavior (ms267-275)
  2. Causes of foundation problems (ms275-280)
  3. Method for foundation and soil investigations (ms281-287)
  4. Principal methods of foundation strengthening (ms288-301)
  • Sequencing operations and temporary works (ms302-320)
  • Epilogue: maintenance (ms321-323)
  • References and further reading (ms324-330)