Tuesday, June 05, 2007

318) Preserving and Restoring Monuments and Historic Buildings ***

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) (1972). Preserving and Restoring Monuments and Historic Buildings. UNESCO, Paris.
  • Resoring monuments: historical background (ms15-30)
  • Monument conservation programmes (ms31-48)
  • General principles (ms49-62)
  • Preliminary surveys (ms63-66)
  • Classical and photogrammetric methods used in surveying architectural monuments (ms67-108)
  • Factors contributing to the deterioration of monuments (ms109-147)
  • Conservation and restoration: operational techniques (ms149-185)
  • The restoration of bridges of artistic and historic interest (ms187-206)
  • The preservation and restoration of wooden monuments in Japan (ms207-230)
  • The conservation of sites and monuments in the new world (ms231-243)
  • The conservation and restoration of historic quarters and cities (ms245-251)
  • Training architect-restorers (ms253-260)
  • Summary and discussion (ms261-267)
  • Bibliography (ms243)