Tuesday, June 05, 2007

319) Historic Preservation Handbook ***

Irwin, J.K. (2003). Historic Preservation Handbook. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., New York.
  • Building components and materials (ms78-96)
  • Building elements (ms96-163)
  • Policy and meaning (ms173-203(
  • References (ms74,170,203)
  • Appendix:
  1. The Athenc charter (ms205-209)
  2. International charter for the conservation and restoration of monuments and sites (211-214)
  3. Appleton charter for the protection and enhancment of the built environment (ms215-219)
  4. Charter for the preservation of Quebec's heritage (Deschambault declaration) (ms221-231)
  5. Congress on the European architectural heritage (the declaration of Amsterdam) (ms233-240)
  6. European charter of the architectural heritage (ms241-245)
  7. Historic gardens (ms247-251)
  8. Conservation of historic towns (ms253-256)
  9. Charter for new urbannism (ms257-260)
  10. Charleston zoning ordinance (ms261-271)
  11. Protection of historic properties (ms273-312)
  12. Worksheets checklist (ms313-342)