Tuesday, June 05, 2007

320) Concerning Buildings ***

Marks, S. (1996). Concerning Buildings. Architectural Press, Oxford.
  • The conservation of buildings in Britain since the Second World War (ms5-31)
  • Principles and problems: ethics and aesthetics (ms34-54)
  • International standards: principles and charters of conservation (ms55-81)
  • Protecting the world cultural heritage (ms82-94)
  • The education of a conservation architect: past, present and future (ms96-117)
  • Assessment and recording: a practitioner's view (ms119-157)
  • Using and re-using buildings (ms158-185)
  • Glorious repair, or the 'British way of making good' (ms191-213)
  • Understanding historic structures (ms214-236)
  • Art history, architectural history and archaeology (ms239-250)
  • Historical landscapes and gardens and their conservation (ms253-276)
  • Financing conservation (ms278-294)
  • Bibliography (ms31-302)