Friday, June 08, 2007

323) Rehabilitation and Re-use of Old Buildings ***

Highfield, D. (1987). Rehabilitation and Re-use of Old Buildings. E. & F.N. Spon Ltd., London.
  • Why rehabilitation? (ms1-8)
  • Housing rehabilitation (ms10-18)
  • Rehabilitation of non-domestic buildings (ms19-25)
  • The technical aspects of building rehabilitation and re-use (ms26-96)
  1. Preventing damp penetration into the building (ms67-74)
  2. Preventing condensation (ms74-81)
  3. Eradicating timber decay (ms81-96)
  • Statutory requirements affecting rehabilitation and re-use (ms98-116)
  • Financial aid for building rehabilitation (ms118-132)
  • Rehabilitation case-studies (ms133-180)
  • Further reading (ms8-181)