Saturday, June 16, 2007

388) Urban Tourism in Malaysia ***

Ahmad, A.G. (1998). Urban Tourism in Malaysia. 2nd. International Seminar on European Architecture and Town Planning Outside Europe (Dutch Period), 2-5 November 1998, Melacca.
  • Introduction (ms2-3)
  • Urban tourism (ms3-4)
  • Tourism and heritage marketing (ms4)
  • Concept of urban conservation (ms4)
  • Categories of urban conservation (ms4-6)
  • Importance of urban conservation (ms6)
  • Elements of city image (ms7)
  • The laws in urban conservation (ms7)
  • The heritage cities of Malaysia (ms7-9)
  • Comparisons of the heritage cities (ms911)
  • Conclusions (ms1112)
  • References (ms12-13)