Wednesday, August 29, 2007

425) Building Maintenance Technology***

Son, L. H. and S. Yuen, C. G. (1993). Building Maintenance Technology. The Macmillan Press Ltd., London.
  • Overview of building maintenance (ms1-10)
  • Causes and agents of deterioration (ms11-28)
  • Diagnosis and investigation techniques (ms29-43)
  • Foundations (ms44-73)
  • Concrete defects (ms74-99)
  • Concrete defects: inspection and diagnosis (ms100-123)
  • Repair of concrete structures (ms124-156)
  • Timber and timber components (ms157-183)
  • Brickwork and stonework (ms184-221)
  • Steel and other metals (ms222-247)
  • Roofs and roof drainage (ms248-276)
  • Wall claddings (ms277-298)
  • Finishes and decorations (ms299-325)
  • Dampness in buildings (ms326-352)
  • External works (ms353-366)
  • Related and further reading (ms9,26,42,72,97,121,154,182,219,247,274,296,322,349,365)