Thursday, August 30, 2007

426) Conservation of Historic Stone Buildings and Monumnets***

National Research Council (NRC) (1982). Conservation of Historic Stone Buildings and Monumnets. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.
  • Report of the committee on conservation of historic stone buildings and monuments (ms1-12)
  • The scientist's role in historic preservation with particular reference to stone conservation (ms13-21)
  • The principles of conservation (ms22-30)
  • Some illustrative preservation problems and treatments in Washington, D.C. (ms31-48)
  • Geological source of building stone (ms49-61)
  • Physical properties of building stone (ms62-86)
  • Deformation and fracture of rock (ms87-107)
  • Problems in the deterioration of stone (ms108-119)
  • The mechanism of masonry decay through crystallization (ms120-144)
  • Characterization of bricks and their resistance to deterioration mechanisms (ms145-162)
  • Analythical methods related to building and monument preservation (ms163-182)
  • Wet and dry surface deposition of air pollutants and their modelling (ms183-196)
  • Measurement of local climatological and air pollution factors affecting stone decay (ms197-210)
  • Diagnosis of nonstructural problems in historic masonry buildings (ms211-232)
  • Diagnosis and prognosis of structural integrity (ms233-241)
  • Photogrammetric measurement and monitoring of historic and prehistoric structures (ms242-271)
  • Cleaning and surface repair (ms272-280)
  • Preventive maintenance in historic structures (ms281-286)
  • Stone-consolidating materials: a status report (ms287-311)
  • The sustainability of polymer composites as protective materials (ms312-321)
  • Exposure site and weatherometer evalutions of synthetic polymers (ms322-328)
  • The evaluation of stone preservatives (ms329-340)
  • Proposal for a CCMS pilot study on the conservation / restoration of monuments (ms341-346)